C.T.E. PERDIKARIS has an experienced, professional staff of Naval Architects and Mechanical Engineers capable of handling any type of ship design. But the company is best known for tackling the innovative new building designs and unusual conversions. Starting by working with our clients to develop a clearly defined statement of operational requirements, design drawings and specifications are prepared to suit the client's specific vessel construction requirements and budget. The scope of services can range from concept outlines and preliminary designs, through a complete design documentation for contract bidding and Classification Society approval, to construction working drawings.

Our company provides a wide range of Naval Architecture and relative Marine Engineering services concerning Commercial and Passenger shipping industry.

New buildings: New Designs according to current Classification, Statutory and IMO Regulations

Conversions – Reconstructions: Lengthenings, Breadthenings, Transformations to other ship type, e.g. from a Ro-ro to a Cargo Ro- ro pax vessel, from Passenger to Ro-ro Pax Ship, from Ro-ro to Live stock carrier etc.

Refit and Restyling: Rearrangements according to a specific trading area needs

Interior Arrangements: Full interior design for all types of ships and more specifically in Yachts, Cruisers, Passengers and Ro-ro Pax ships.

Classification drawings

Workshop drawings to support Shipyard's work.

Full range of construction plans: structural, machinery, electrical, ventilation etc.

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