Our scientific expertise includes hull design and structural analysis, hydrostatics and stability calculations, hull optimization with tank test models follow up at various institutions and/or analytically with software, resistance and propulsion analysis, ship motion and seakeeping studies, electrical power distribution analysis stability, software development. Depending on the customer's needs, we can provide these services as integral elements of the design process or as independent studies. 

Our services include:

- Hull Design

- Naval Architecture studies and calculations in compliance with SOLAS or EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE (Stockholm Agreement included) or/and any CLASS/FLAG requirements

- Tank Test Models – affiliation with NTUA

- Full range of construction plans (structural, machinery, piping, electrical, classification)

- Workshop drawings

- Specifications of construction, repairs and conversions

- U.S. Coast Guard Compliance Studies for Passengers Vessels

- Trim & Stability calculations

- Grain and Ore Loading calculations

- Damage stability calculations

- Strength and loading calculations

- Tank calibrations

- Deeper draft calculations

- Tonnage Measurements

- MARPOL requirements studies

- Machinery plants

- Electrical plants

- HVAC plants

- Mast and Rigging studies

- Computer application development, e.g. Loading Instruments




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